Staff & Punishment System Guide

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Special Agent
Our server works a little differently to others the staff team works more like a justice department. We don't "ban" players as such. They just get an extremely long jail sentence. Temp bans don't happen either. Mutes are only handed out if you refuse to behave. All punishments are usually handled by jailing. While jailed you cannot access your island but can still play with some restrictions.

  • Police (Staff Ranks)
    • Officer - This is the equivalent of a moderator. They deal with simple issues such as chat violations and harassment.
    • Detective - This is the equivalent of a more experienced moderator. They deal with more complex rule violations and investigate them.
    • Sergeant - This is the equivalent of a senior moderator. They are supervisors of the below ranks and deal with the most serious issues.
    • Chief - This is the equivalent of a manger. They manage the staff team and deal with recruitment, internal investigations and complaints.
  • Government (Misc Ranks)
    • Judge - This rank has no staff powers and is given to community members to deal with appeal processes for the sake of fairness.
    • Special Agent - Anyone with this rank is a high level staff member who deals with the most extreme issues.
    • Developer - Plugin or Web developers. Permissions may vary.
    • Owner/CoOwner - The owners of the server.
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