Ingame Rules

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L5 Staff
Jun 28, 2019
  1. Ignoring Staff
    Listen to server staff. - Server staff can be identified by a [Xoa] tag and are here to help players.

  2. Annoying Staff
    Do not annoy staff members this includes but is not limited to sending blatantly invalid reports.

  3. Cheating/Exploiting
    Do not cheat or exploit bugs.

  4. Evading
    Do not purposefully evade ingame situations or admins by disconnecting.

  5. Disruptive/Trolling
    Play nice. Don't harass, don't troll, don't grief, don't impersonate, don't create another group with the intention of impersonating or annoying another group. only use a group tag if the group permits you to, Laughing at someone else's punishment or saying "GJ <groupname>" after their members have been punished is trolling.

  6. Scamming
    Do not scam players. Selling outside of F7 is forbidden with the exception of: shader designs.

  7. Non-English in main
    Please speak English in all main chats so we can all understand each other. This rule is not strictly enforced.

  8. Chat Misuse
    Do not misuse support chat or contact admin.

  9. Religion/Politics
    Any discussions relating to religion and politics are forbidden in any public chat.
Not open for further replies.