Forum rules

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L5 Staff
Jun 28, 2019
  1. Do not post false, incorrect or dishonest information.
  2. Do not post or link to pornographic, illegal, copyright, disgusting or generally not appropriate content.
  3. Do not insult or be nasty to people. This not in-game where you are competing with eachother.
  4. Do not make purposeless, not worth reading, non-constructive or off-topic posts.
  5. Do not post things that have already been posted.
  6. Do not use large images or text in your signature or annoying images in your avatar. Do not abuse spoilers by putting them inside eachother.
  7. Names must be appropriate and an actual name. For example using a full stop as a name will be considered trolling and result in ban. Names must only contain English alphabetical, numerical or standard keyboard characters.
  8. Do not post an injustice resolution for punishment or ban appeals unless they have been denied more than three times.
  9. Do not post in appeals you're not involved in.
  10. When posting appeals, bugs or requests use the correct format.
  11. Anything related to religion is not permitted on this forum.
  12. Do not back-seat moderate.
  13. Forum account sharing is not allowed. Doing so will result in the account being banned.
  14. Asking somebody to vote in a certain way in a suggestion undermines democracy and is forbidden. You cannot have a link to a suggestion, or something that can be voted on, as part of your signature.
  15. Giving stupid answers in support board like "format your PC" is stupid and will not be tolerated.
Not open for further replies.