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  1. Junx

    [Lua] Changelog

  2. Junx

    Forum locked.

    This forum is locked until we open the server.
  3. Junx

    Ingame Rules

    Ignoring Staff Listen to server staff. - Server staff can be identified by a [Xoa] tag and are here to help players. Annoying Staff Do not annoy staff members this includes but is not limited to sending blatantly invalid reports. Cheating/Exploiting Do not cheat or exploit bugs. Evading Do...
  4. Junx

    Community Roster

    Staff L5. Leaders of the staff team gb L5. @Junx (FT) tn L5. @Hanns L4. Senior staff members None yet. L3. Experienced staff members None yet. L2. Trained staff members None yet. L1. Staff members on trial None yet. HELPERS. Help new players in @fox Duties (STM) - Staff...
  5. Junx

    Forum rules

    Do not post false, incorrect or dishonest information. Do not post or link to pornographic, illegal, copyright, disgusting or generally not appropriate content. Do not insult or be nasty to people. This not in-game where you are competing with eachother. Do not make purposeless, not worth...